A year in a life is a documentary directed by Joshua Fitoussi. 

In 2004, Joshua received a scholarship to go 1 year abroad with the organization called American Field Service (AFS) The idea is to live one year abroad with a host family and go to a high school in the local community. Everyone is volunteering, but you need to pay for that program. Joshua and 8 other people had this amazing opportunity to go 1 year with AFS for free. 

10 years later, Joshua does not know where his life is going and what he has to do, but he still thinks about this year some time to time. What is the impact of that experience? Did it change his life or not? Well, these are the questions Joshua Fitoussi will try to answer in that movie.

In order to do so, he went to Interview 7 different participants. Some left in the begining of the 60's, some in 2000's like him. Different type and age, but one thing in common : their year abroad.



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made by Zoe Geraud


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